Recommended: E.S. Posthumus

I have always been intrigued by the theme song from the television series Cold Case; it has a deep quality, an eerie sound yet at the same time has this deep orchestra backing. It is way more serious music than you otherwise encounter on US network television.

It wasn't until earlier this week that I actually found that it is based on a cut out of a piece called Nara by E.S. Posthumus. This is a two man group from L.A. that make cinematic style electronic music backed by an orchestra, in their case the Northwest Sinfonia. According to their website:

the compositions are inspired by the Pythagorean Philosophy which states that "music is the harmonization of opposites; the conciliation of warring elements" They find beauty in contrasts and apply this principle to melody, harmony, rhythm and orchestration

E.S. stands for "Experimental Sounds" while Posthumus is a word that represents "all things past"

 Their album Unearthed is full of majestical pieces of cinematic quality. The piece used for Cold Case is titled Nara and is also on this album. This youtube video plays the whole song and about 55 seconds in you will find the section that was used for the theme song of the television series.

It turns out however that this is not the only piece that is used as a theme song. For example Posthumus Zone is the theme for NFL on CBS

And it seems that Hollywood is especially in love with the album for use with movie trailers. Pieces from Unearthed have been used for movies such as Boondock Saints, Planet of the Apes, Affair of the Neckless, Minority Report, Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings, Unfaithful, Lara Croft, Pirates of the Caribean, and many more.

This is the trailer of Boondock Saints that uses Pompeii from Unearthed.

Sleazy Swamp Rock

One of the cool things about the HBO’s True Blood (DVD) is the use of music throughout the series. Every episode contains between 5 and 10 songs that truly support the southern atmosphere. Some of it is raw southern swamp rock but also a variety of Goth and other dark music.

In episode 10 there is a band playing that I hadn’t seen or heard before, but its guitarist, C.C. Adcock seems to have a long history of merging Southern Rock, Blues with Zydeco to make a pretty unique sound. His last album, The Lafayette Marquis, is contains some really interesting tunes.  This song, All 4 the Betta, is from that album.

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