My top SXSW Music pick: Street Sweeper Social Club (SSSC)

Just like last year I felt that SXSW Music had a clear “winner” for me. Street Sweeper Social Club surprised me with high energy Rap Rock music of exactly the kind that I like. Core to SSSC are Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Boots Riley of The Coup. They played a total of six gigs at SXSW, all extreme high energy events.

They had already released an album last year: cd / vinyl / mp3 More streaming music on the SSSC myspace page.

Here are some video shots from SSSC, not all perfect in sound or vision, but they give a good impression of the band’s energy and audience reaction to it.

There are many more live performance videos of Street Sweeper Social Club on Youtube and others.

Here are the regular music videos of their singles “100 little curses” and “promenade”.