Concrete Swimming

In early November, on one of my trips to Europe, I had the good fortune of one day ending up at a small exhibition in The Hague. Here I encountered a picture by Anke van den Berg titled ""concrete swimming"" of a dog apparently swimming through a concrete mass. The picture really resonated with me and I decided to buy it. Getting it transported to the US was of course a bit of problem but Anke made a great special box to ship it in. It finally arrived last week and you can see the unboxing in the previous entry.

The photo is printed on aluminum and has the wonderful quality I noticed when I first saw it. It was worth the wait.

This is the original from Anke''s flickr stream

© All rights reserved - Anke van den Berg

I believe that at times in our personal and professional lifes we have all felt like swimming through concrete. I decided to put it on the wall above the desk in my office to remind me of that: